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Jonah: Beyond the Tale of a Whale

September 2020


Recent Books and Projects

Here are my most recent publications with more coming soon!  I pray that these will be used by God to bless you on your life journey.

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Dr. Mark Yarbrough serves as the sixth President of Dallas Theological Seminary and is a professor of Bible Exposition. Listen as he delivers the Word of God.

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Mark Yarbrough

Christian, Husband, Father, Seminary President

At the age of 18 I walked into my first classroom at Bible college. It was there, for the first time (or at the right time), I observed a world beyond sermons, devotions, and regular Bible reading. I saw serious scholarship of the Bible. It was not academic for the sake of the academy. It was not scholarship that puffs up. It was people of faith striving to know our Lord better. They were serious students. I did not immediately taste it for myself, but I observed it through the lives of some of my professors. They had passion. They had skill. They had a spirit for service. They had an infectious heart for Jesus. And it made me want more. Soon after, I indeed tasted it for myself—at college and then at seminary. My passion is to inspire people to hunger for God’s truth. I am simply in love with studying, teaching, and communicating His Word.

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